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Seesaw (our online learning platform)

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is the online learning platform which we are using for setting home learning tasks and reviewing children's work.  It is free for you to download and use. Seesaw is compatible with Windows, Android (including Kindle), and Apple devices.  On this website/app, the children can upload work, receive work and communicate with their classmates and teachers.  It can be accessed by downloading the Seesaw app or going to the Seesaw website https://web.seesaw.me/remote-learning-for-families

Each child has been given a password and username.  These have also been text to your child's primary carer's mobile phone.  If there is a problem or you need the password to be sent again, please contact the school office.  

Using Seesaw

Each week your class teacher will upload a new learning grid.  The grid will set out tasks for you to complete (see Home learning home page for more information).

As well as the learning grid, you may receive additional information like videos, worksheets or activities in Seesaw.  These will be easily seen when you log on. 

How to Check Your Inbox


How to Respond to an Activity

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How to edit saved work and use folders

Editing work and saving as a draft (plus how to use the folders) - Student Video (1).mp4Student view on log in
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Uploading Your Work

The  video tutorials below demonstrate how you can upload your work and write on any worksheets.  Before you upload your work, write your name on it.  Once you upload it and if you are particularly proud, you can upload it to the class Seesaw blog; then everyone in your class can comment.   

Work can be completed on a piece of paper and you can take a photograph of it later to upload. 

Teachers Comments and Feedback

Each piece of work, set by your teacher or school, will be looked at and liked and may be commented on when appropriate.  In term time Seesaw is for uploading allocated work. If you are uploading additional work of your own during the holidays and it has not been set by the school, this will not be commented on or liked by the teacher.

Children commenting on each other's work

All comments made should be positive.  Remember everything you write, upload or post will be seen by your teacher.  Teachers will have to approve any comments before they can be seen by other children.  This is the same when commenting using the audio symbol.  

How to Tag Friends

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How to Upload Your Work

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