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Safe Sites for Kids


If you would like a free trial of a great writing platform click the link below.  It's full of great ideas to inspire writing, including designing your own characters and creating strories about them.  It's a fun place to inspire writing and it's free.


6 - 9+ Years

Common Sense Media suggest these sites for children under 9:

www.readingfriends.com -  4+. Gradually leveled letter journey is repetitive but thorough.

http://www.curiositymachine.org - 8+. Open-ended STEM challenges support innovative thinking.

www.carnegielibrary.org/storymaker - 6+. Safe, simple way to write and illustrate original tales.

http://www.storybird.com - 6+. Create beautiful books to share online and in print. We use this in school so children already have their own log ins.

www.askforkids.com - 6+.  Search engine delivers age-appropriate info; outside links.

www.nick.co.uk - 8+. Safe virtual playground for tween fans of Nick characters.

www.clubpenguin.com - 7+. A site that gives kids the option to interact with other young kids from around the world. It restricts unfriendly and unsafe behavior (such as the sharing of addresses or swearing.)

www.supersecret.com - 8+ Tween multiplayer online game lets kids play at "growing up" and chatting.

www.fantage.com - 8+. Cute, fun virtual world with great safety measures.

www.kidzvuz.com - 8+. Moderators make site a safe place for kids to post reviews.

For more child-friendly apps and advice click Common Sense Media

9 - 11+ Years

Common Sense Media suggest these sites for children under 13:

http://kuddle.com - age 9+. It's a bit like instagram, it's available in app form for Apple, Android and Windows.

http://yoursphere.com - age 9+. Aa combination of Pintrest and Facebook but child-friendly and child-safe, available in app form from Apple or Google Play. 

www.kidzworld.com/ - 11+. A little Facebook like with facility to upload photos, chat, posts and videos.

www.blogger.com - 11+. Easy blogging tool -- but use safety features.

http://www.fanlala.com - 11+. Cyber news source for teen celeb fanatics, plus music.

www.sweetyhigh.com - 10+. Closed social network for girls is strong on privacy.

www.itwixie.com - 9+. Safe social site appealing to girls.

www.kidmixapp.com - 8+. a social media app made for kids where parents can monitor activites through the Parent Dashboard.

For more child-friendly apps and advice click Common Sense Media

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