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Starting in September - Our Aims

  • To ensure that the transition from the Infant to the Junior school is as smooth and as happy as possible for everyone involved.
  • That the children are given answers to the questions that they may have about their new school.
  • That parents are given important and relevant information that will assist them in supporting their child in settling in to life at Downs Junior.

We hope to meet the above success criteria through the measures we have put in place.

The year 3 children have been remembering how they felt coming to the Juniors and have written you some messages. Check them out on this page!

  • Pastoral Support

During the first two weeks the emphasis for year 3 will be on settling in to new routines, feeling confident and safe and happy in their new environment.  This will be achieved through regular tours around the school, circle time activities, negotiating caring class rules and ‘All About Me’ activities.

We will also use assembly themes to promote pastoral care.

  • Introduction to Routines

During the first two weeks, teachers and teaching assistants will ensure that children know the pattern of the school day, and the layout of the school and playground.

During the first half-term the year 3 teachers will be more readily available in the playground before and after school in case you have any questions or concerns. 

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