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MUSIC - Private lessons - Click below for more information.

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PLEASE NOTE: Children are only permitted to receive private lessons for ONE instrument in class curriculum lesson time. Tuition for a second instrument may be received, but ONLY if the lesson for that instrument is before/after school or during break, lunch or assemblies. If you would like your child to receive tuition for a second instrument within the school premises, it is your responsibility, when applying for lessons, to inform the new teacher that your child is only able to receive tuition before/after school or during lunchtime.


Teacher: Tom Butterworth
Call: 07773 320 690  
Email: tomguitar@live.co.uk

Web: www.downsguitar.com
Web: www.tombutterworth.com

Tom Butterworth


Teacher: Alice Hawkes
Call: 07763 963709
Email: alice@boiledsweets.com 

Alice piano


Teacher: Lawrie Miller
Email: lawrie.miller@brightondome.org 

lawrie drum

Flute & Recorder

‚ÄčTeacher: Victoria Hancox
Email: victoria.hancox@brightondome.org 

Victoria Flute


Teacher: Lisa De Simone
Email: lisa.desimone@brightondome.org

miss lisa violin

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